Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1st Movie

Trisha and I took the kids to see "How to train your dragon", last Saturday. It was Colton & Madison's 1st movie. Minus a few trips to the bathroom Colton sat through the hole thing with the help of a very large tub of popcorn.

Friday, April 23, 2010


A very close friend of my brother's, Dylan Meier, was killed in a tragic hiking accident on Monday. Many of you have heard of this and seen it on the news. Just thought I would do my own little tribute. Dylan and Michael would frequent "Wide Spread Panic" concerts together all over the place and Michael traveled to Europe to visit while Dylan was playing football over there. They were in school together most of there lives in Pittsburg. I have thought of Dylan and his family frequently over the last few days...it is such a horrible loss. The link below is an article that I read that I thought was nice. Dylans funeral is Monday in Pittsburg @ Memorial Auditorium, Michael has the honor of being a pallbearer. Michael describes Dylan as the most genuine person he has ever known. Sometimes life isn't fair.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Walking with the Dinasours

We took pity on the poor dog bite victim and spent a small fortune on Walking with the Dinasour tickets. I was feeling guilty that if we wouldn't have been out it wouldn't have happened. We had gone back and forth on whether or noth we were going to take him. It was totally worth it. He loved it and it was actually very interesting. The educational part went right over his head (and probably daddy's too :-).

Colton's Weekend w/ Uncle Michael

Last Saturday I went to KC to visit some high school friends. I took Colton with me and he spent the day and night with my brother Michael and his girlfriend Sara. They went to Union Station and saw the train and dinasour exhibit. They ate lunch @ Fritz's where your food is delivered on a train. Then they went to T-Rex Cafe to build a dinasour. I think they had a really good time! FYI: These pics were taken 1 day after he was bit by the dog. So his face is pretty swollen and marked up. He is almost back to normal now.

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ER Trip #4

Friday April 16th, we took Colton to a friends house so we could go to a birthday dinner for another friend. We had been at dinner about 10 minutes when we got a call that there dog had bit Colton on the face. They said his face was pretty much ok but the inside of his cheak might need stiches. So we headed to check out the situation. He had a puncture below his eye and in the corner of his eye. He had some light scratches on his face but then we looked in his mouth and sure enough it was pretty torn up. So we went up to the ER to have him checked out. They didn't do any stitches but they put him on antibiotics. He was swollen, bruised and scratched up. But almost 1 week later his scratches are gone he still has a small sore in his mouth from chewing on the torn up mucosa, and he still has one small puncture wound under the eye. But all in all he is recovering well and in another week he will be good as new. The dog is healthy, but of course the ER turned it in to Animal Services. He is on home quarantine until Monday 4/26, but I doubt anything will come of that. You would think Colton would be afraid of dogs but nope...he played with "Sammy" the dog that "ate him" Sunday night.

Colton & Daddy in the ER, notice the Minnie Mouse PJ's. He bled all over his ad all they had were pink ones.

Coltons face when he crashed Friday night after ER trip.

Colton's face Saturday AM.

Doll Family Easter

Ebinger Easter Egg Hunt

Colton's babysitter, Deanna Ebinger & her husband George put on an INCREDIBLE easter egg hunts for the kids. I bet there were 300 eggs, pinatas, snacks and sack races. Colton had a wonderful time!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Livin' on a PRAYER!!!

When I got up on Thursday morning I never dreamed I would be going to Bon Jovi that night! I got a call about 3:45 from my friend Kristen from work and she had scored 3 tickets to Bon Jovi, so Kristen, LaRisa and I headed to the concert that evening. Bon Jovi was AWESOME! He did play games with me though...my FAVORITE song growing up was "Livin on a Prayer", he waited till the last song of his encore to sing it and even said that he was closing the show w/ Dead or Alive. I told my friends, I am not leaving this place till he sings "Livin on a Prayer". Pretty sure they were thankful he did so I didn't make a scene :-)!

Clay Walker

Back in High School I had a huge crush on Clay Walker, and I saw him in concert a handful of times. Then he kind of fell off the map, due to the fact that he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Driving to work a few months back I thought I saw his name on the Cotillion marquee...I was soooo excited! So I got to work, googled it and sure enough he was coming to town! Asked Lance if he wanted to go but he politely declined. So girls night it was, and he was AWESOme!

KZSN Morning Crew - Ant Man and Cathy Carrier.

We got to go backstage and meet the opening act Lee Brice.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm a big kid now!

I potty trained Colton last weekend. I am thrilled to say that it was EASY, suprisingly enough. He caught on quick and has had very few accidents. He tells me everytime he has to go. Although the one downfall of all of potty trained kids is public bathrooms...yuck!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow & Sledding

Last week we had a big snow and it was perfect weather for building a snowman, so I left work early so we could build a snowman. Unfortunately the temperature had dropped significantly and the snow had frozen so it was too dry to pack to build a snowman. We were bummed, but we sledded in the back yard instead.


We haven't had a fish in a few months, "Fishy #4" died a while back and Colton never noticed so I didn't replace him. Out of no where this week he started asking to feed his fishy. So on Saturday Colton & I went on our Valentines lunch date to Chipotle (I swear it was his pick :-) and then we went to get a new fishy. He named him "Nemo".

Colton & Nemo watching "Finding Nemo" together...

1st Hockey Game

We took Colton to the Wichita Thunder Hockey game Friday night. He LOVED it! He is now a popcorn addict (Lance had to go to Dillons last night to get some) and he sat and watched almost the whole game.